Feb 12, 2010

Techno Turmoil

Ok. I have to share with the world my complete disdain for all things technological. Perhaps this stems from my inability to operate anything technological - but that is beside the point. Everything is just made to be so difficult. I am convinced that all things requiring electricity or batteries were constructed by men. "Why?" you ask? Two simple reasons: 1 - All the gadgets give men something to do (fixing it, installing it, hooking it up, etc.) 2 - It allows men a way to feel completely superior to women. Let's face it, most women are in my boat. We don't do well with all the complicated electronic stuff. Knowing this, men completely revel in the fact that they can do something we can't.

Let me elaborate on my current anger. Soooo as you might remember, Adam talked me into getting an iphone. I loved my old razor. It called people. I could operate it. However, I got the stupid iphone so I could easliy talk to Adam on yahoo messenger when I was out around town. Now, after Maggie Claire was born and I had the "total baby" application which kept track of EVEYRTHING you can imagine (diaper changes, feedings, growth, etc) I grew somewhat attached. I am now back to hating it.

All I know how to do when it comes to this ridiculous piece of crap is to "sync" with itunes. (I'm not even going to get into the whole ordeal of Adam trying to explain itunes to me.) So anyway - I know when I plug in my phone to my computer, I hit the "sync" button and it puts the stuff on there for me. That's all I want to know. Well, today when I plugged in my phone to add some more songs, it said I needed to update. I said "well computer, you know what you're doing and if you say I need to update, then you just go right ahead." I clicked ok. BIG MISTAKE. It started the whole updating process and when there was about 1 minute left it sends me this message (I am summarizing of course) "There was an error updating because I am a stupid machine. I'm not going to tell you what the error was though. I just can't update your phone." Alrighty then. Now what? So I eject my phone and plug it back in to try again. I open itunes and and see that there is now NOTHING on my phone anymore. No music. No pictures. Nothing. Wonderful. Another nice message from Mr. Computer appears - "This phone is in recovery mode. Please restore your stuff before continuing." Ummmm, ok. Would you like to tell me how to do that? I then see a restore button. Hmmm. I decide to click it. Click the restore button and it starts its thing. Then I receive another message. Oh joy! "I was unable to restore your phone because, in case you forgot, I am a stupid piece of crap." I unplug it. I am now staring at my iphone which only now shows a picture of a USB cable and an arrow pointing to an itunes icon. This is freaking fabulous. They can idiot proof the instructions on the phone (i.e - plug the cord in and go to itunes) however they can't tell me what to do from there. Luckily Adam got online about this time so I just knew he would know what to do. Not exactly. We ended up in a huge fight because I'm stupid and our conversation ended with something along the lines of "honey! I am in Mosul Iraq! What in the world do you expect me to do for you??!!"

I did all I knew to do - I went to the ATT store. I walked in and immediately was greeted by the little man at the desk asking what the problem was. My response - "Um, yes, my iphone is retarded and I don't know how to fix it." He laughed and took my name. I don't see the humor in the situation but whatever. The guy did some stuff to it and said he got it "unfrozen" and proceeded to tell me why it wouldn't update. I couldn't even begin to explain the problem. Anyway, he said that while he fixed it, eveything on my phone is now gone. Perfect. I said "well, does it call people?" He responded yes. I said "ok. Thats all I need - that you". My $200 phone is now able to call people. What a smart phone. No pun intended....

After this whole ordeal I didn't even want to fix anything else, but I can't function without my music. I got home and plugged my phone in to sync it again. It thought for a sec and then said the sync was complete. Woo hoo I thought! That didn't take long. I saw why - nothing was back on my phone. AHHHH! I clicked sync again and yet again it said it was complete and safe to disconnect. Ummmm NOOOO.... I'm sorry Mr. computer but I beg to differ. Its not complete because there is nothing back on my phone! Well, I played around and just clicked the application tab and clicked sync and it put my apps back on. VICTORY! Then I clicked the music tab and clicked sync. It is now putting my music back on. I WIN!!! HAHAHA!!! In your face stupid computer!!!!!


Lisa said...

You are so freakin' hilarious! I am falling out of my chair laughing...with you of course, not at you, because I AM TOTALLY IN YOUR SHOES! I have to get a new phone tomorrow. I am having some anxiety about it now! :)

Cherry Berry said...

I had the same thing happen to my iPhone. Only, I ended up talking to the Apple guy for over an hour on my husbands phone while we fixed mine. I was having a panic attack because I thought I lost ALL my pictures of my sweet girl in her first few months of life!!! I don't even know the word to describe how I felt. LOL. But it got fixed and I got my pictures back. Hope it never happens again!

Hope said...

Ha, I feel the same way. Kevin is a Computer Science major, so of course I'm always going to him and saying, "Fix this!" I guess I have a love/hate relationship with technology...love my iTunes and facebook and blogging and such....but I always tend to screw something up with it. :)


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