Jan 9, 2010

Working Woman, Starving Baby?

Well I start back to work next week. I must say that I really have mixed emotions about this. I mean, yes, it was my choice to go back, but I'm still not totally ok with it. My fear? No one can take care of MC like I can. Which makes aboslutely no sense considering I have NO EXPERIENCE raising a child and I would be leaving her with my aunt who has pretty much raised three children. I guess all women deal with the worry of something happening when they go back to work though. And its not like I am leaving her everyday. The office is only open on Wednesday, Thursday, and most Saturdays so we're only talking three days a week I would be leaving her. Another worry? Getting up and going to work all day after a sleepless night. I am not one of those people who functions well on little sleep. I need AT LEAST 7 hours to be even somewhat coherant. Now that I have a wonderful little baby, I don't get nearly that much. I can just see myself putting in a root canal on someone who was supposed to come in for a cleaning or something.
Speaking of sleep, I have a question for any fellow mommies.... when did your child not have to be fed through the night? Here's the deal - while I was in Jackson last weekend MC slept the whole night without eating. I'm talking like 8 1/2 hours. When I woke up the next morning I was so scared. I was like oh my gosh, my baby is going to starve to death... Well since that weekend I have not fed MC once during the night. I give her her bottle at 9:00 and she doesnt get another until 5am. I mean, if she was hungry she would be screaming and stuff right? I have asked around and everyone is like, "oh she'll let you know if she's hungry". So am I just a very blessed mommy to have a baby that can go the whole night without having to have a bottle or am I starving her?? I mean, I am not saying she SLEEPS the whole night. That would be awesome. She does wake up every few hours and wiggle and wimper (she never lets out a full blown cry or antything). I'll put her passy back in her mouth a few hundred times and talk to her and she'll usually go back to sleep. Thoughts? (On another note, why can't babies sleep during the night like they do during the day? I mean she'll sleep like a champ during the day but then at night she feels she needs to wake up every hour... its like "hey mom. I'm here. Did you know that? Ok, just wanted to let you know.")

My friend Kristen is coming tomorrow which is fun. This girl and I have been through SO MUCH together and is definately my dearest friend. She was at the hospital the whole time while we were waiting on MC to arrive. I'm talking from 3:00 in the morning until like 10:00 that night. She was a total trooper; waiting in the hallway and constantly updating my facebook status to let everyone know where we were at in the labor process. Anyway, she adores Maggie Claire so I'm glad she is getting to come see her again. I think I also need some friend time! I mean, I spend everyday either home alone or hanging out with my parents... I think I need some 20-something girl time.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh, congrats to all the Alabama fans out there... I can't say that I give two flips about football, but apparently its kinda a big deal to some people. :)


The Sweet Life said...

Everytime I see you have updated... I secretly hope for a baby pic. I am gonna need to request at least 1 pic per post. Haha...she is soo cute!

Emily said...

Just a blog stalker, but just wanted to let you know that Baby411 says that after 2 weeks you do not have to wake up your baby to feed her during the night, so ask your ped, but I think you're OK! : ) That is definitely something the nurse at your ped's office can answer with a phone call if you are at all stressed about it.


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