Jan 12, 2010

Poor Jake...

Anyone else swear they wouldn't get involved with the bachelor again? I wanted so badly to boycot the show, but I'll be darned if they didn't show the season premier again on Saturday night when nothing else was on. Now I am stuck. I watched last night. Whoa. Poor Jake. Reactions? I mean, to think that some woman would "enter into an inapproriate relationship with a staffer" while on the show blows my mind. And yes, I put that in quotes because if you watched the show you know how many times that phrase was used. I should've counted. It was at least 20. My favorite part though - the fake tears shed by all the other contestants. Come on, this girl was gorgeous - don't act like you are sad about the situation.

Well little MC and I are doing just fine. I start back to work tomorrow which is a little scary, but I did go over to my aunts house last night to show her everything. I think I might go totally overboard today and type out notes for her... I'm sick, I know it.

Other than wishing my sweet husband was home there is nothing to report. Looking forward to Biggest Loser tonight! I must say, I am so glad I have such an amzingly well behaved and content baby that allows me to watch all my shows!

1 comment:

Hope said...

I said that exact same thing to Kevin last night--why are they crying about her leaving?! They know they are shouting, "Yessss!!!" inside!


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