Jan 29, 2010

Soy Joy - Again

I think I have discovered the problem in my sweet little Maggie Claire for the past two days... she was constipated! She hadn't pooped Wednesday or Thursday and then this morning she had a hard little pellet in her pants! (Ok, on a side note, I do appologize for the topic of this blog. I suppose when you are a mommy you have nothing more entertaining to discuss than your child's bowel movements...) MC's surprises have always been a good consistency so I think the new soy formula just threw her off. I talked to the ped and put some Karo syrup in her bottle upon his suggestion - worked like a charm. I'm not sure if I'll have to keep doing it to keep her going or if this was just a one time thing. We'll see how things go the next few days. Regardless, she wasn't fussy at all today :) yay!

Question - have any of you ever contemplated what celebrity you look like? This has been the topic of conversation between Adam and I lately. He swears I am Shannon Elizabeth, I swear he is Jimmy Johnson. Thoughts?


Cherry Berry said...

Glad MC is doing better! The Karo worked pretty well for us too in the beginning. I just used it sometimes when I noticed her "surprises" were starting to get really hard.
I think you are right about him looking like Jimmy Johnson! And you do have some similarities to Shannon Elizabeth. I noticed the other day on your sidebar FB badge that you had Jennifer Love Hewitt as your picture. I see the similarities there too!
I have been told before that I look like Christina Ricci...???

Tassie said...

absolutely has no one ever told me that i looked like a celebrity. i'm not sure what that means. anywho.....glad maggie claire is feeling better!

ann onymous said...

Shoot, that Shannon Elizabeth WISHES she was as pretty as you! Glad the Karo syrup trick worked for MC--look what a little Karo does for pecan pie!


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