Jan 26, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaack

So after a super long hiatus due to internet problems, I am back blog readers. I know, I know, try to control your excitement. Wow, I feel like I have so much to catch everyone up on.

First of all - the best news. We found out when Adam is leaving Iraq and its way earlier than we had originally thought!!! He is leaving at the beginning of March!!! Woo hooooooo!!!! I am planning on moving to Madison at the end of February to try and get everything set up and unpacked before he gets home. I haven't had a chance to tell my boss yet... I am really dreading that. I have really enjoyed working there and he has gone out of his way to accomodate my situation. I have to say he is probably one of the best people I have ever worked for. I am sad to go.

Now, on to the second best news. Mommy had a girl's night. Oh yes, it was long overdue. I tell you this because I have to give a special shout out to my friend Lisa. Now, Lisa and I go way back. We were BFF (yes, I just totally used BFF... don't judge) in high school and then sadly lost touch after graduation (Thats her in the middle). Well anyway, we recently started talking again after MC was born and I have to say that I had forgotten how much this girl rocks. Yes, Lisa, I think you rock. Anyway, we met up for dinner and had PLANNED on going to a movie, but we didn't make it that far. After dinner we ended up going to a new bar downtown that neither of us had been to before. A girl I work with at the dentist office also works there so I thought it would be fun to go say hi. I won't go into details, but we had an awesome time. A guy even bought me a drink. (Don't freak out people, I already told Adam this) It was quite surprising considering I hadn't even spoken to or so much as looked at this guy. But it did make me feel nice. I mean, I just had a baby 7 weeks ago at the time! I thought, hot diggity, someone still finds me somewhat attractive after a baby! Anyway, I walked over and politely thanked him but said I was happily married. I hate that Lisa and I only just now started talking - I have been in Florence since June! I could've been having all kinds of fun instead of sitting at home with my parents all this time! I mean, not that sitting at home with my parents isnt fun.... (sorry mom and dad)

Maggie Claire is also doing well - now anyway. For the past few weeks she has been sooooo fussy!!! She never used to cry for any reason but all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago she started fussing all the time, still spitting up, and getting horrible gas. She would pull her little legs to her stomach, arch her back, and scream bloody murder at almost every feeding. I was so stressed because I didnt know what was wrong. I called the pediatrician and told them the Zantac she has been on isnt helping at all and she is still spitting up all the time. I told them we are still on the Similac RS and its not working. I explained her symptoms and asked what we needed to do. I said, "do we need to try soy formula or switch medications or what?". The nurse said we didn't need to do soy and that we would try Prilosec instead of Zantac. Well, I tried that and it didn't help either. I had switched bottles thinking she was getting to much air, I gave her Mylicon at every feeding, and she was still upset and gassy. I finally couldn't take seeing her in so much pain so I went out to Target yesterday and bought some soy formula. Now, this is very unlike me. I NEVER go against professional advice and follow my gut. I am not that confident. However, I just had an overwhelming feeling that something just wasnt right and I should try the soy. Well, let me say this - I gave her the first bottle of soy formula last night at 5:00 and not one single time did she cry. She spit up just a little, nothing major. I thought, hmm, this is nice. I waited for her to start screaming after the feeding, but nothing. I then thought, well, it might just be a coincidence. Then at 9:00 I braced for the worst. Not even so much because I had become used to a cycle of spitting up everywhere and constant crying, but because I thought even changing formulas would upset her tummy. I fed her and, again, nothing. Not a drop of spit up and not a single whimper. Wow. Then, I prepared myself for a long night of her staying up. This new formula doesn't have the rice starch in it like the Similac sensitive RS did, so I thought she wouldn't stay as full and therefore wouldn't sleep through the night. Well - she did! I mean she did her usual waking up three or four times, but I put the passy back in her mouth and she was back in sleepy land. I was feeling quite excited this morning, but still waiting for it to all fall apart. However, when I fed her bottles at 5 am, 9am, and 1pm there was again not a drop of spit up and not a single cry. I feel guilty not consulting with my doctor before doing all this, but it really looks like I might have done the right thing. Thoughts anyone?

So I am noticing how long this post is getting so I better stop there. I don't want to bore you all into never reading again ;) Hope everyone has a happy hump day tomorrow!


Cherry Berry said...

Seems like you made a good move. Sometimes we parents know our children better than the doctors and nurses. If it makes you feel better, you could call the doctors office and just let them know that you decided to try the soy milk and it is seeming to work, just so they have it on record. But it sounds like you are doing a great job!!
Good to hear you had a good girls night! All moms need them every once in a while!

Amanda said...

Just wanted to let you know that we too had a horrible time with our daughter and formula! In the hospital, they put her on Enfamil. When we got home, we switched her to Similac. She did fine for 3 or 4 days, but then she got super fussy and you could tell that she was in pain. We talked to the doctor and long story short... after trying 6 (yes, 6!) different types of formula (3 brands), we put her on soy, by Parent's Choice. Best choice we ever made! (She is now 5 months and such a happy baby!)

Laila said...

Zantac is amazing... relieves my lil cupcakes heartburn, hope I can also take it to relieve my heartache! LOL Got it online at www.medsheaven.com


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