Jan 27, 2010

Soy No Joy

I did it. I jinxed myself. Maggie Claire has apparently been crying all afternoon. Crap it. I got home from work about 6 and walked into a screaming baby. Mom said she had been upset, fussy, and crying ever since she picked her up at my aunts. She had given her food (she even put rice cereal in the bottle), gave her Mylicon, changed her diaper, and she wouldn't stop. I came in and rocked her and she went to sleep after a minute or two. I laid her down and after a minute she was crying again. Ahhh! I feel so helpless! I have no idea what's wrong with her - is it the formula switch? Did it upset her tummy? Was she overtired (my aunt said she barely slept this afternoon)? This always seems to happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays (the days I work), does she get stressed being away from me? Is she sick? Is she just now developing colic? Is she having a growth spurt? Growing pains? Is it just one of those phases? There are so many questions and no answers. She has just cried and cried. She finally went to sleep again and I was just now able to put her in her swing (2 hours later) I don't know whats going on with her. I just pray she doesnt do this all night tonight! 4:15am comes waaaaay to early when mommy doesnt get any sleep!


Amanda said...

Have you tried "Gripe Water?" I have never used it for my daughter, but I have heard rave reviews about it. A girlfriend of mine, swears by the "Little Remedies" brand

Lisa Newbern said...

I agree out the Gripe Water. This is the stuff I was telling you about that we used when the gas drops wouldn't work. Our brand was called "Baby Bliss" but i'm sure it all works the same. I have also heard if you warm a towel in the dryer and put it to their tummy it relieves gas - but we've never tried it! Hang in there!!


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