Jun 28, 2010

Redneck Enough?

We had a yard sale. Redneck enough? Nope. Adam had to kick it up by sitting in a lawn chair beside his yard sale drinking a beer! The REALLY redneck part? It was 8:00 in the friggin' morning!
Redneck enough? Nope. Adam decided the lawn chair was no good and instead went for drinking his morning yardsale beer from the riding lawnmower.

Redneck enough? Nope. Merely sitting on the lawnmower drinking the beer would not suffice in this competative world of redneck-ing. Adam took it a step further and decided he should actually RIDE the lawnmower while drinking his beer.
Redneck enough? Nope. He went the distance, literally. He rode it all the way down the street and actually popped a wheelie on the darn thing.

Redneck enough? YUP!


Susannah said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I hope y'all made a lot of money at your yard sale! Was it a lot of work to set up for? What did you do with the baby during the yard sale? I am wanting to do one, but intimidated by the time/work/effort/baby care things! :D

Jessica said...

Susannah - I would NOT reccomend it! For the money we made, I didn't feel it was worth all the effort! We sweated and worked for 3 days and the money we made didn't make me feel better about it! We had Adam's mother take care of the baby while everything was going on, but, again, I wouldn't reccomend one! Just donate everything and write it off on your taxes! Much easier!

Brittany said...

Oh thank God!! I thought you had lost the budget battle and there was no hope for me!

I'm loving the rednecking at the yard sale. I have been putting ours off for weeks! Glad to see you're still alive!


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