Jun 22, 2010

No Rest For The Weary

Yet again, its been a long weekend. It seems as though we go out of town every single weekend. I. hate. the. car. I am so sick of driving and riding its ridiculous. I know MC is too... poor baby always gets dragged somewhere. Well, thats the price you pay when you live hours away from both sets of grandparents!

So, anyway, we went to Florence this past weekend for MC's 6 month photos. I am SOOO excited to see them!!! (And, yes, you know I'll be posting them as soon as I do get them!) I hope they turned out well because she was sick when we had them done. I thought about rescheduling, but we are having a yard sale next weekend and after that she won't be six months anymore! She's doing much better now, I took her to the doctor because I had a feeling it was allergies. She seems to get the coughing, runny/stuffy nose, watery/itchy eye thing at least once a month. It got so bad Sunday that she started coughing so much it made her choke and vomit. Super scary. It was mostly mucus which also scared me. Anyway, the doctor said it probably was allergies, but it might have been a cold. I will stick to my allergy theory due to the sheer number of times it seems to occur. She gave us a prescription so we'll see if it helps... I hate seeing MC not feeling well and not being able to do anything to help her! :(

Good news from this weekend too - although kinda sad for daddy. MC said mama for the first time!!!! I walked in the room and she popped her little head up and said "ma ma". She then proceeded to say it ALL DAY LONG - over and over again. I was loving it, however, if you remember, Sunday was FATHER'S DAY! :( Not exactly the best gift for daddy! haha. He took it very well though and was excited and encouraged her to continue saying it throughout the day.

In other MC news, the constipation issue is SOOOO much better!!!! I am so excited because it too gave me a lot of stress. Again, seeing her in pain and not being able to do anything is the worst feeling ever. I stopped giving her rice in her bottle about a month ago and limited the amount of banana and apple baby food (I only give it to her maybe once or twice a week). I also increased the amount of "p" foods as I had mentioned earlier. Anyway, whatever it was, it seems to be helping thank goodness.

Now I've got a question for all the mommies out there. What in the world do you do with your child to contain them??!! haha. MC is crawling now - (can't remember if I had mentioned that or not. I hope to get video on here soon, but I can't right now because our internet is too slow. When we canceled our cable we increased our internet speed so hopefully when they finally get around to changing everything it will be fast enough for me to load the videos!) I've seen the play yeards, but I worry about them being made of a hard material...she rolls all over the place and I'm scared she'll roll and hit her head on the side and hurt herself. I have yet to see any that come with soft sides. I know I could put her in the pack and play, but I want her to have a lot of space to move around. I don't want to keep her in a tiny little play pen where she can't crawl and move around. Suggestions? Now, in addition to her being very mobile, our house has no carpet. Its all hardwood and tile (aka nothing cushy in the whole house). We have a rug in the living room, but the coffee table takes up most of the space and its way too heavy to move back and forth. I think I might have come up with a solution to this though - I thought about getting one of those egg crates from Wal-Mart (the kind you put on a matress) and just putting a fitted sheet over it so I could take it off and wash it. Then, we can just roll it up and put it in a closet when she isn't using it. Thoughts?

I've got a super funny story to tell about our drive to Florence, but I need to feed MC right now. I'll be sure to post about it later! Happy Tuesday readers!

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