Jun 14, 2010

Ambulance Please

I seriously think I am having my first heart attack. I kid you not. I could kill over at any moment while typing this. I just dropped MC off at daycare for the first time and it's either a heart attack or panic attack I am now experiencing. I mean, I am leaving my only sweet, precious, innocent, and helpless baby girl with a complete stranger!!!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but Adam and I have been searching for someone to care for MC when I do finally get a job. I wanted to have all that arranged so that when McDonald's the fortune 500 company begged me to come work for them, I could say yes because I already had arrangements made for childcare. Anyway, I asked on facebook (of course) and got a reference from someone for this woman I'll call Mrs. M. Now, Mrs. M and Adam talked while we were still living in Madison and he seemed very impressed with her. We told her when we would be moving to Starkville and that we would be in touch. I spoke to her shortly after we moved in to arrange a time for us to meet. She told me her address and I couldn't believe it - the woman lives about 5 houses up the street! Fate, right? Let's hope so!!! She charges an EXTREMELY great price and takes care of 2 other children full time and one other child part-time. The other kids are one and a half, 2, and almost 2. Of course this makes me nervous as well. What if these kids (unintentionally of course) hurt MC???!!! What if they try to pick her up, or throw things at her, or poke her???

These kids are not the only things I am worried about by any means. I am worried about EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong. Every single insane scenario that could ever play out is now flashing over and over in my mind. What if she doesnt nap? What if she doesn't eat? What if the world is attacked by zombies and I'm not there to protect her? Again, EVERY SINGLE thing that could (and I suppose things that couldn't) ever happen are majorly freaking me out!!!

We are starting her part-time to see how it goes. She will be there from 8-12 Monday-Thursday. No, I don't have a job yet, but at least I will have a few hours to actually go look for one now. Maybe something will work out soon....

PLEASE keep us in your prayers right now!!! I really need some serenity to deal with this and I'll take all prayers I can get for MC's safety! (Asking God to help me out with the job thing wouldn't hurt either if you happen to think about it....) Thanks readers! Happy Monday! (Oh, and Happy Anniversary Adam! I'm sure you won't read this but just in case...)


The Sweet Life said...

I am sure everything will work out great. Saying a prayer for you and MC.

Susannah said...

First of all, try to chill. We do the same thing at my house. Emma goes to an in home daycare and has since she was 13 weeks old-when I went back to teaching. There are four kids there too-she is the youngest. You just have to trust the daycare provider. She needs to be able to handle them all and still teach MC things and make her feel loved and safe. And I'm sure she is! It is a million times better than public daycare!!! Just remember that and be thankful-and I will say a prayer for your job and for your peace with MC in daycare!


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