Jun 3, 2010

"And Tonight's $20,000 Winner Is...."

I'm sure most of you have seen the show America's funniest home videos. Who hasn't? There is nothing funnier than dogs saying "mama", or cats licking a pet bird, or a dad getting hit in the you-know-what by his son's baseball. Lets face it, people crashing/hitting/running into things is funny. I'm not alone on this. I mean, they created a show called Wipeout for this sole purpose. Anyway, I digress. My point is, if someone had been filming my husband and I on our porch last night, we could've easily won $20,000.

So our friend Oliver had just left. We had a nice dinner and as he was pulling out of the driveway I say to Adam "aw, honey, lets sit on the swing and be all old and romantic..." He wasn't too keen on the idea, but being that he loves me dearly he agreed. We both sat on our nice little porch swing enjoying the exceptionally mild Mississippi summer night. I had my fresh cup of coffee and was captivated by how simple and happy life was at this point - my baby sleeping, my husband sharing a great conversation with me on our new little porch. Life is good. Adam was in the process of explaing to me how he had adjusted the swing so that it wouldn't bang into the bricks under the window and was midsentence when....CRRRRAAACCK, BAAAAAAM!

It was all a blur. You know how people say that in a near death experience things are suddenly in slow motion? Well, yes, this was not a near death experience, and things weren't in slow motion. I remember Adam talking, then I remember coffee flying, then I remember sitting sideways with half my body on the swing and half my body on Adam - who was now on the porch. That's right people. The hook that holds up the swing came out of the ceiling and the whole side of our swing went crashing down. It was madness. Coffee went flying, mug went flying, and my husband went flying. As I stared at my husband (covered in coffe) lying on the porch, and looked at myself (also covered in coffee) and lying on my husband, I realized what had happened. I laughed. I laughed hard. I mean, seriously? Did this really just happen? Were we really THOSE people who sit on the swing and the darn thing breaks and they all go toppling down? I guess so. I then laughed even harder. Thankfully after assessing his scratches and the bump on his head, Adam ,too, found it amussing. Please take joy in the entertainment that is our unrecorded, $20,000 experience... (I hate the pic of Adam is blurry -maybe the "this-isn't-so-funny" expression still comes across)


Sara said...

The exact same thing happened to my parents when i was little, except my mom had my baby brother on her lap! Thankfully your sweet baby was inside asleep!

Katie said...

omg! That is terrible and funny all at the same time!


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