Apr 12, 2010

So This Is How It's Gonna Go

After speaking to SEVERAL people about this feeding issue I have made my decision. MC will continue getting baby food once a day until I introduce all the fruits and vegetables. Then, I will give her a fruit in the morning and a veggie in the evening. She will continue to get rice in her bottle (hey, don't judge. If you were raising a newborn alone for 3 months you would need sleep too!) I might also try mixing a little rice in with her fruit in the morning as she grows. Anyway, thats it. We'll see.

Again, the prunes have had no effect on little MC. We tried peas for the first time last night and she seemed to enjoy them, but things still aren't moving (I had heard from someone that foods beginning with "p" helped in this area.... hence the prunes and peas) I think the next food we might try will be sweet potatoes.

Does anyone know if there are other "cereals" that might make MC less constipated. Like, at this age can they have something other than rice cereal?

Thanks for all the comments! I have the most awesome blog readers ;)


Ashley said...

there's oatmeal cereal, multi-grain cereal, barley cereal and mullett (sp?) cereal that she can have. multi-grain and oatmeal have produced the best digestive reactions so far that I've seen!

Ashley said...

maybe it's millett not mullett?

Jared and Brandy Verwiel said...

Have you tried the Kairo syrup trick? I know mom's that swear by it.


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