Apr 9, 2010

Coming Together

Ordered MC's baby bedding.... not sure if it was a wise investment or not given that she will be about 8 or 9 months old when she finally gets her own room in our place in Starkville. However, since I never got to do the whole nursery thing with Adam gone, I suppose I have gone a little overboard. I guess I could use it again if we have another girl though - or sell it on Ebay if we got our boy ;)

You can see her crib here, and here is a photo of the bedding... the blanket isn't shown, but its the damask fabric in the middle followed by the polkadot ribbon, then a border of the striped fabric, then a small edging of the sage minky. This is the photo from the website, not her room. I ordered it online from modpeapod.com. She's got some SUPER cute custom made bedding. Anyway, I think it will be cute when it all comes together ;)

Still looking for wisdom on my last post!!!! Happy weekend everyone!!!!

1 comment:

Walking With The Wheats said...

I LOVE this bedding!! Super cute :) I became a follower of your blog!

Come check out mine....

Thanks, Sarah


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