Apr 27, 2010

Maggie Claire's Baptism

I am happy to report that everything went well with our sweet baby's baptism. I was so paranoid (me? paranoid? I know, totally unlike me..) that MC would scream through the entire service, but she did great! She got a little fussy during the first reading because it was her nap time so I just got up with her and took her to the cry room. After five minutes of walking and patting and shhhh-ing, she was out and remained that way during the rest of the mass. It was quite hilarious though because she was sleeping when Father Mike poured the water on her head - not the best way to be woken up. I mean, imagine you are laying there sound asleep and then all of a sudden you have cold wet stuff being poured all over your head. I wouldn't be happy either. She started flailing her arms and making this pitiful, confused face, but when he finished and I pulled her close to me she went right back to sleep.

As I might have mentioned, MC wore my baptism gown which was really special. I am going to have the date of my baptism monogrammed on one side of the slip and her date on the other side. Then, should she have a baby one day, maybe they can wear it and we can have their date monogrammed on it.

Here are some pictures of the big day!


Katie said...

how wonderful! I love the pictures of her smiling :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet memory that you will always cherish. I know Father Mike. Small world! He baptized me, 1st Communion, I was an alter server for him at Corpus Christi in Macon, MS. He is such a special person. Tell him Catherine Delmas Williams says hello even though you do not even know me! ha!


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