Apr 14, 2010

Are You Serious?!

Life was good. We got the passy away without a HUGE amount of effort and MC was sleeping like an angel. Now what you ask? TEETHING!!!! AHHHHHHHHH! I have heard such horror stories of this whole teething thing and I am scared out of my mind. I had thought she was teething for about a month now with all her drooling and chewing on EVERYTHING, however, she had a sudden crying spell yesterday for no reason. It wasn't time for her to eat, she was changed, she had just woken from a nap, etc. We were seriously laying on the floor playing and she just started screaming. I picked her up, rocked her, everything I could think of and she still wouldn't stop. It concerned me because this is VERY unlike MC. I don't want to gloat by any means but she is a very good baby. Only really fusses when she's tired or something. Anyway, I thought with her little "problem" maybe she was in pain. The way she was screaming I knew we needed something heavy duty and immediate so I whipped out the suppository (sorry, should've warned you this post would also include poop-talk). I had spoken to the doctor about using these so it wasn't a first time thing. Anyway, after I put it in she cried a little more and then stopped. Later that night (for the first time in a LONG time) she had two poopies that weren't hard. Again, very uncharacteristic.

I figured we had solved the problem and didn't give it another thought. Then, this morning about 7 am (she usually wakes between 7:30 and 7:45) she started SCREAMING. We knew this was not a passy thing so we went to get her after 3 minutes or so (we wanted to make sure she wasn't just dreaming or something and give her the chance to go back to sleep). Well we brought her to our bed and laid with her and she STILL kept screaming. She was shoving everything in her mouth - her clothes, her hands, the blankets, our hands.... I thought "hmmm, runny poop and screaming yesterday, screaming this morning, shoving things in her mouth... teething?" I figured it wouldn't hurt anything to just try putting some orajel on her gums to see what happened. I'm telling you, the moment that stuff hit her gums she stopped crying. It was like the magic passy button or something. Anyway, what do you guys think? She is four and a half months old and has been drooling/chewing for a little over a month. I could also use some "its not so bad" talk since I am terrified.

Thanks readers! Look forward to hearing some age old remedies and moral support! hahaha.


Amber said...

I've commented here before, though you don't know me!
My son cut his first tooth a week shy of 5 months, so I understand! Orajel was our best friend, along with tylenol and motrin. He would literally wake up at night exactly 4 hours after taking tylenol or 6 hours after taking ibuprofen so I knew he was in pain. When he'd wake up at night, he got another dose of meds and more orajel and right back to bed. As he got older, teething tablets helped alot and then they even have teething strips (like Listerine strips) that he liked. Another mom told me to take the tylenol dropper and actually rub the tylenol on the gums. Seemed to work!
If you don't have one, get a mesh feeder. You can get it at target. When he was fussy from teething during the day, we'd put him in his chair, put in some frozen fruit (or just ice worked as well) and let him go to town chewing on it. Numbed his gums and kept him busy. That was probably around 6 months, when he could grasp things well and sit up on his own well. Frozen mango and frozen bananas were his favorites. Oh and grapes! you could probably hold it for her now and just put some ice cubes in it.
Just remember "this too shall pass." As soon as one thing gets better, its another new challenge to deal with. But it gets easier and easier and nothing lasts forever!
Hope this helps!

Amber said...

whew, didn't realize I had written a book! Oops!e

Laura said...

I just read through several of your latest posts.

1. Rice is a binder. Try dropping the rice from her bottle and see if that helps with her constipation. It also might help to put a teaspoon of Karo syrup in her morning bottle to get things moving.

2. Tylenol. Tylenol. Tylenol. And once she hits 6 months, MOTRIN!

3. You should visit www.babycenter.com and find MC's birth club. Within minutes of posting your question, you will get a ton of answers!

Good luck. She is a precious little person.

Ashley said...

it comes in stages. She'll probably have anywhere from one to three days of freaking out then it'll be fine for a week or two then it might happen again for a day or two. Giving her a dry clean washcloth to chew on may sooth her... it sure helped Adele.
I also asked the mom of my little one about being a bit stopped up... which their first child was all the time! She said their pediatrician recommended putting a little karo syrup in her bottle and that sugar pushes everything out. She said she was concerned about the amount of sugar but it didn't affect her other than it made her go! 2 tps of syrup per bottle

Susannah said...

I just found your blog through a friend of mine who reads you-I love your honest and candid posts. I was reading back awhile and noticed you said something about Florence. Were you talking about "Flo town" :D AL?? I am from Bham and know several peeps from Florence and the tri cities-small world and small town in Florence. Your little girl is precious! We just had a little girl in August. She is getting two teeth right now too, yikes a million! And with the pooping, we went thru this too-but the juice worked. Have you tried to nasty but tried and true thermometer up the bum? The doc says the rectal stimulation helps get it flowing. Poor thing! Is she on formula-sometimes the iron can make it hard for them to go.

Anyways, y'all are a precious family and I love reading all about your goings on!


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