May 3, 2010


No, not real snow. That would be awesome. This is the bad snowball. The one where one bad thing happens and then another. It has been quite a day, but being most people prefer good news first so I'll start with that. Our dear friends Jordan and Emily got engaged!!!! SOOOOOO happy for them! These two people are super amazing and we just love them to pieces. So happy to know that they are going to be spending their lives together now! Congrats guys!

Now, onto the not-so-good part... well, parts. First of all my aunt is in need of prayers. She had gastric bypass years ago and apparently because of that surgery, a problem developed with her colon. She became impacted and therefore waste was going into her bloodstream. They had to do surgery to remove part of her colon and has since developed pulmonary edema (fluid in the lungs) and fluid around her heart from infection. Yesterday her heart rate was up and she was running fever. She has been on life support and will continue to be until things improve. Please keep her in your prayers!!!

Secondly, prayers are needed for my brother and his friend Angela. If you didn't know, Nashville had severe flooding - right where Jeff and Angela are. Thankfully Jeff got to her house in enough time for them to get theirselves a few things upstairs before the water started coming in. They were able to get out the second story window and a boat came and picked them up. They are ok, however the house is not. In addition, both of their cars were in the garage which is completely underwater.... My first thought was about flood insurance and it turns out Angela didn't have it. They told her she didn't need it!!! Apparently she has the letter in which they told her this so I pray something works out for her!!! Please keep them in your prayers!

As you can see, its been a rough few days. When you pray, please remember to think of Lisa, Jeff, Angela, and all those who are sick and have been affected by the flood!

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