Mar 25, 2010


Well, as you saw from the pictures in my last post, Adam is home safe!!! Next to the day I met him, the day we got married, and the day MC was born, it was the best day of my life. It still doesn't feel real though! I keep expecting him to leave any day now - like he is just here for R&R or something.

Speaking of leaving, we finally found a place to rent in Starkville. We will be in Madison until June, then we are back to Starkvegas. We ended up finding a cute 3 bedroom house that is being completely renovated and ironically fits all of our needs. (We NEVER thought we'd be able to find anything that had everything we were looking for in our price range). Anyway, the best part of moving to Starkville? MC FINALLY gets her own decorated room! I have to admit that it was really difficult when all of my friends were having babies and posting pictures of their nurseries. I have been patiently waiting for Adam to arrive so that we could pick out cute things for a nursery and now we can! We bought her furniture while we were in Florence visiting my parents.
This is the line and finish we picked out...

However, the crib is curved at the top like this one (this is the same crib as above, just in a different finish and curved at the top)

Haven't selected bedding yet, but I'm super excited for the poor baby to finally have a nursery!

"Jessica, why haven't you had time to pick out bedding?" Let me tell you - we have been SOOOO busy since Adam got back. He arrived at Camp Shelby on a Friday and we stayed with our friend Jennifer until Wednesday while we attended his grandmother's visitation and funeral (luckily all this was in the same city). Wednesday we left for Starkville and got some things out of our storage unit and stayed with our friend Oliver. Then Thursday afternoon we left for Florence to stay with my parents. We hung out there for my mom's birthday and got to visit with my brother, Jeff, and Angela who also came up to visit. We left Florence Monday and went back through Starkville so Adam could stop by and see some of his professors and then finally made it back to Madison. Wow. Are you as confused as I am yet? I swear, since we have been married, we have spent at least half of our time on the road. Our parents need to move closer together (they are currently about 5 and a half hours apart).

Since we got back to Madison, it has been nothing but unpacking (UGH!!!) and tending to MC. I have to say thank goodness for Baby Einstein though. She LOVES it. If we have something to do we can set her in front of the TV and she will watch Baby Einstein movies like they are going out of style. Not sure how good that is for her, but hey, every parent has to have SOME time to get things done! Its not like we leave her there all day - just for half an hour or so while we work on stuff.

Anyway, this boring post has gone on long enough. I am glad to be back and hope that soon I will have some time to elaborate on some fun things I have discovered recently. Until then, have a happy weekend!! :)


Robin said...

Jessica, I am soo happy for yall! The nursery furniture you picked out is precious!! I can't wait to see it with the bedding you pick out! Reese just has the sample Baby Einstein DVD and she loves it. I should probably get her a regular one! haha Which one do you have? Noah's ark? Baby Mozart? Hope everything is going well and let me know next time you are in town!

LT (and Max) said...

i'm so glad adam is back!!!! right after he left, i remember telling you that time would fly by and YOU COULD DO IT!!!! while it may not seem like time flew for you, you DID do it! :) did absence make your heart grow fonder?

Anonymous said...

Who makes the furniture you got? I'm looking for baby furniture myself and this is almost exactly what I'm looking for!

Jessica said...

Anonymous - Munire. This particular one is the Majestic line.

Katie said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see everything once her nursery is all put together!!


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