Mar 31, 2010


Can I just say that when a man returns home from an 11 month stint in Iraq the chores are never ending. I feel like I have been caught in a whirlwind ever since Adam got back. There are a hundred things to do and, when you have a baby, it takes FOREVER to do them! So far we have had to tend to various banking and investment changes, get tax info together, buy Adam new clothes (apparently he "bulked up" over there and now his clothes are too small - hehe), buy new suits for his upcoming interviews, get items from storage in Starkville, arrange everything in Madison, find a place to rent, purchase baby furniture, attend baptism class... this list could go on and on. I am tired. Anyway, this is why I have been slightly MIA lately. Oh, how I have missed my daily blogging. It is such fun "me time".

If you might remember in my last long post, I mentioned I would elaborate on some new fun things I had found. Its been a while since my last "blog-o-mercial" so here are some new things I LOVE!

1. The electronic "catch phrase" game: Let me begin by saying I am a game-aholic. I love me some games. This game is super fun, and since its electronic you don't have all the pieces and score keeping to worry with. Anyway, it will give you a phrase and you have to give clues to get a teammate to guess it. You then pass to the next team who does the same. The team who is not holding it when the buzzer goes off gets a point. (On a side note - while I love games, I suck at almost all of them. Apparently "sir plan" is not an intelligent guess at a phrase. I won't even get into the logistics of how this answer came about, but given Adam's clues it seemed smart.)

2. ipod nano: Adam's parent's got us one of these in November before MC was born and it is uh-mazing! Its so tiny and takes AWESOME quality video. Its super handy to carry in my purse so when MC does something funny I can just whip it out! (I mean, who wants to carry a video camera into a doctor's office or to someone's house for a play date?)

3. Lash Stilleto Voluptuous mascara: You might not know this about me, but I am in constant search of the world's best mascara. I buy a different one every single time I purchase the stuff in hopes that there will be some magic formula to pump up my tiny, very-much-lacking lashes. My newest find is Lash Stilleto by Maybelline. This is not the one in the black container - this is the red. (I wasn't digging the idea of patten leather looking lashes and I need some major volume in addition to length, do I opted for the "voluptuous" line) Anyway, I've been quite pleased and am anxious to see how it stacks up to my next trial - L'Oreal Telescopic Lash Explosion.

4. L'Oreal infallible never fail powder foundation: So I used to be a Clinique girl... however, I figure if you can find something that works just as well for less money, why not? Since I have started wearing this make up I have gotten SOOOOO many compliments. Random people like the super market check out lady have asked what kind of makeup I wear and where they can get it. Makes a girl feel good ;)

5. 206 Front restaurant in Hattiesburg, MS - This place is awesome. I had shrimp and artichoke pasta and Adam had duck. It was FABULOUS and the atmosphere was great! You should totally go if you are ever in Hattiesburg!
Well, thats enough advertising for now! Hope everyone has a wonderful easter!!!! I'm sure I'll be posting pics of Miss MC in her easter attire! :)


Katie said...

good luck with all of your chores! and Have a happy Easter!

Heather said...

206 was one of our very favorite places when we lived in hattiesburg. So yummy - and they have fun drinks too that were great to enjoy on their rooftop deck. I miss that place!
MC is so cute - love the easter pics!
I am so glad Adam is home now. (Obviously I blog stalk!)


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