Mar 21, 2010

MC's photo shoot

Yes, I know, I have a TON to write about and catch everyone up on. Brief summary - Adam is home and we have been on the road non-stop for the past 2 weeks... I just wanted to post some pics of MC from her 3 month photo session real quick. I will be back in Jackson tomorrow and will finally be able to fill you in on the last two weeks and post pics of my reunion with the hubby!! Until then, enjoy some of my favorite new pics of Maggie Claire!


Lisa said...

LOVE THEM! Tabitha did such a great job. MC is such a cutie!!!

Brittany said...


It is so good to see MC's beautiful face! I can't wait to hear about the reunion!!

These pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I LOVE them! You've been missed and I hope your traveling hasn't been too difficult.

Katie said...

she is ADORABLE!! That first picture is so precious!!

Cherry Berry said...

All of the pictures are sooo pretty!! She is a doll! Who does them??
Good to hear your hubby is home safe!

The Sweet Life said...

she is sooo cute! I love the pics!


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