Mar 4, 2010

Boxes and Babies and Boots, Oh My!

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. First up- boxes.As you all know, MC and I made the big move to Jackson to get everything settled before Adam gets back. Here's the biggest reason for the "oh my!" I never want to move again. It was INSANE. Trying to carry everything up the stairs, unpack, and take care of a baby all by myself was completely exhausting. MC was in a new environment and wasn't sleeping so neither was mommy. I seriously thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Not to mention the fact that Adam and I (and now MC) have so much stuff its ridiculous. I never thought I would finish organizing everything.
Next up- babies. MC is doing wonderfully now. When we first got to Madison I think she was so overwhemled with all the "new-ness" that she just couldn't bring herself to sleep. If you have a baby you know that that means.... overtired = CRANKY. She would cry and cry and cry and wouldn't let me even put her in her crib. However after the first two days or so I suppose she became more comfortable and calmed down.
Many new milestones for her since we've been here. At my parents house, we didn't have an extra room to use as a nursery so she slept in my room in the pack and play (Don't even get me started on the whole nursery thing. Its quite depressing. I think most women have this vision of decorating a nursery while the husband grumbles putting together a crib. With Adam gone, I didn't get to experience that so its a little sad..) Anyway, I digress. So since we have moved here, MC now has her own crib in her own room (still not a nursery - that will come when daddy gets home and we finally get moved into our own place). She didn't do so well the first two nights (still adjusting to the environment I'm sure), but last night she slept from 10-5 without waking once!!! She ate at 5 then went back to sleep until 9! WOOOOHOOOO! Now, dont get me wrong, I don't expect this to be an every night thing now. However, I will enjoy my MUCH needed night of rest!!!

Another milestone? Rolling over. Ok, I may be a little premature in this excitement since she only rolled from her back to her side, but its still amazing to see my little baby girl on her way! She was laying on her mat and just scooted herself right over to her side, almost onto her tummy. I was cheering like an idiot off to the side "go baby, go!!" (Ths is not THE picture. Just another one of her showing off her new trick) I have a feeling she'll make that final push over to the tummy soon! What age did your kids roll all the way over for the first time?

The last thing about MC. I'm sorry, I know its a sin to be vain, but I seriously think I have the cutest baby on the planet. I know every mother thinks this, but I just can't believe God and Adam and I made such an amazingly beautiful little girl. She should totally be a Gerber baby...

Next topic - boots. Army boots that is. Unfortunately my husband's are not on their way home as we had thought :( His leave date got pushed back so he'll be getting home a little later than anticipated. I hate it so much. I was finally able to see the light at the end of this long tunnel and now they blew out my light. Stupid light blower-outers. Anyway, he can't exactly say when he will be coming home now but I am praying my hardest its soon!!!! Please continue to keep him and all the other soldiers in your prayers!

I am trying to look on the bright side and be positive and the delivery I got yesterday helped a great deal. I have strictly instructed Adam NOT to read this post so I hope he doesnt - it will totally ruin the surprise. I wanted something special for MC to wear when we go to pick him up (the guy hasn't seen her in forever!) and I got it in yesterday. Picture this if you camo pants (courtesy of Adam's mom at my baby shower way before MC was even born) and a light pink onesie with brown "Kid's handwriting" letters that says "I'm here to get my daddy!" Yes, I cry even thinking about it. I cannot wait to get pictures of her wearing it and daddy holding her!!! Adam if you just read that I am going to kill you.

Anyway, I am still staying super busy but I'm going to try my best to keep up the blogging. However, as you might have imagined, I will probably be MIA for a while when Adam gets back! I want to soak in all the time I can with him!!!! Hope you all have a great day and I'll be posting again soon hopefully!!!


Anna Robinson said...

Yay, a new post! Ive missed reading lately, but I am glad that you are all settled in Madison now! I am so sorry to hear that Adam isn't home yet, but like you said, hopefully it won't be too much longer! I absolutely cannot wait to see pictures of MC in the precious outfit...I hope you will get Adams arrival on video again. I might just cry more seeing him hold MC than I did of the video of him coming home when you were pregnant! I still find your blog so inspiring and I marvel at your strength! Keep it up!

Katie said...

MC is so cute! I agree, gerber baby for sure! :)


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