Apr 13, 2012

It's a Buggy-Bug World

Entomologist. That might very well be printed below Maggie Claire's name on a door plaque one day. The child LOVES bugs. Now, what does one do when their child expresses and intense interest in a particular area? You buy EVERYTHING that has to do with that particular interest. Don't lie to yourself, readers. We all do it. If your 1 year old expresses and interest in Elmo, you better believe that kid is going to have Elmo movies, stuffed animals, pajamas,etc. We just can't help ourselves. So, being the nurturing parent that I am I knew I needed to foster this newfound desire for all things buggy. However, when you are completely broke on a tight budget, this can make things a little more difficult..... enter superhero music and Target symbol.

Who DOESN'T love this place? Granted, I was never a huge Target person before we moved to NC. However, we have one SO close to our apartment that I can't help but go there at least once a week. Now, having mentioned that we are on a limited budget you are probably wondering why in the world I would subject myself to the tortures of Target - new merchandise just staring at me, taunting. I'll tell you why. BARGAIN BINS. Oh yes. When you first walk into the store (which is fantastic because you don't even have to pass the "real stuff" to get to it) you can play in bin after bin of cheap and/or discounted items. We.have.a.blast. Now, do I really need a new oval-shaped-kitchen-scrubber-on-the-end-of-a-hollow-tube-so-you-can-fill-it-with- dishwashing-liquid? No. But, is it fun to pick it up and look at it any way because its $.50? Yes. The great thing about these bins is all the stuff they have for kids - which brings me back to bugs.

On our most recent outing to Target I was able to find some goodies in the bargain bin. I was thrilled beyond words to find a bug catching kit (complete with net and magnifying glass), a bag of plastic bugs, a giant "grow a bug" dragonfly, and a Sesame Street book about insects. Usually things in the bargain bins cost a buck, but today was my lucky day. All black dot items were 70% off and if you didn't already guess, my picks bore the chosen mark. Score. Bug items purchased and insect fascination nurtured, all for the bargain price of $.30. Day made.

In addition to reading my blog for funny MC quotes and mommy rants, I know you stop by hoping for pictures. Well, I'm guessing you do. When I read other people's blogs I secretly hope for pictures. We all know too many words is overwhelming and we need to throw a good picture in every now and then to make us feel like we are doing something fun. So, here ya go. Pics of the angel. (I figured since I've done all this talk about my bug lady I would post pics of her in her element - aka outdoors) Happy Friday!

My little diva
OBSESSED with caterpillars
Playing with the ant

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The Sweet Life said...

I am so excited to see updated pics of MC. She has gotten so big. She is beautiful and her obsession with all things buggy is so adorable.


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