Apr 27, 2012

"I Did It!"

You know what's awesome? When your child taps you on the arm and says "Look momma! I did it!". You know what's even awesomer? When what they "did" was shove a fluorescent pink bead up each one of their nostrils. Yeah... That happened yesterday... It was fun.

As if it wasn't already, you know what made it the MOST awesome? Adam was at the studio all.night.long., not arriving home until 7am that morning. He promptly went to bed only to be awakened by a screaming child and Dr. Mom on the hunt for tweezers. He sat up in bed asking what's wrong and I believe something along the lines of "YOUR daughter shoved two plastic beads up her nose and now I am searching for tweezers to perform a complicated appenbeadomy!! That's whats wrong!" To say he freaked out would be an understatement.

Just another normal Thursday in the Martin house....

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