Feb 7, 2011

Stating the Obvious

Sooo, I know I'm not a preformer. I'm sure its a difficult thing to do. However, it must be said that I AM an American and I DO know the words to the star spangled banner (ehem, Christina).

It must also be duly noted in the words of my brother that from now on "when life isn't going your way, just remember.... hey, at least I'm not one of the retards with a glowing box on my head." Couldn't have said it better my friend.

Super Bowl entertainment - boo. Seriously. Big thumbs down. And I watched the whole dadblame thing for those stupid commercials and they weren't even that great. Big disappointment overall.

However, there were high expectations to be met. I mean, will anything EVER compare to the best band of all time's half-time show performance during Super Bowl 36??? I think not. (PS - If you have not seen this and you are awesome enough to watch it, please note there are two parts. The first part, Beautiful Day, and the second, Where the Streets Have No Name. UH-MAZING.)

K, I'm done. That's for a complete hot mess superbowl-entertainer-get-togtherer-people.

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