Feb 1, 2011

Been There?

Sometimes its hard to understand where someone's negativity is coming from unless you've been there. Well, has anyone ever been in that place where, for some reason, EVERYTHING happens at once? One bad hand after the other? Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for all of my blessings, but sometimes the bad luck is overwhelming. That's the place I'm in. That's where the negativity is coming from. I am about to dump a whole crap load of useless information at you, but its my blog and I'll vent if I want to ;)
Ah, where to begin... As many of you know, Adam recently finished his contract with the national guard (yes, I told him I would cut off his right hand be very angry if he resigned. I feel if you serve as an Army ranger, and are deployed 4 times, you have done your part.) Now, back to the story. You do get insurance benefits for a short period after returning from deployment, however, after that point, you are required to pay for the insurance like a regular plan. And boy is it expensive - great coverage, but PRICEY. We went ahead and signed on for 3 months to buy us some time to look for a new policy. Cue the insurance headache. I won't even go into it but finding new insurance is like being stabbed with a blunt stick. Yes, its that bad.

Now, after we get everything submitted I figured we'd have plenty of time to get approved before our current policy expired. I THOUGHT WRONG. There were issues that I won't go into but everything was delayed due to someone's error and we then received word that they CANCELED OUR APPLCATION. We got this news only days before our policy expired. Not good. We got it all worked out eventually, but as of right now we are without insurance. Now, what do you think is the first thing that is going to happen when we don't have insurance? You guessed it! Emergency room, here we come!

MC (was) an incessant thumb sucker. It was in her mouth anytime she was tired or sleeping. Well, she developed a blister on her finger that got infected so off to the emergency room we went (let me add that this occured the DAY AFTER our policy expired!!!) I still haven't received the bill but I have a feeling I will want the hospital to include a very long rope with it....Not to mention the mental anguish I had to endure seeing my baby in a guaze mitten for 3 days. Just look! (There is a silver lining to this cloud though - my baby is no longer a thumb sucker!!! The days without it apparently broke the habbit! Yay!)

In addition to the insurance fiasco, let me also add that I just got into real estate - not the most money savvy thing to do starting out. Its expensive to get going and therefore, money is tight. So what does life throw at us next? Every gosh darn expense it can find, thats what. Adam's hard drive goes out on his computer, he knocks over his terra byte drive and breaks it, his car starts messing up and has to be fixed, I drop my laptop... the list goes on an on.

And the award winner for "shitty-wrenches-to-be-thrown-into-my-gears-of-life"? We are moving. Not down the street, not to the neighboring city, not even in the same state... we are moving 10 hours away to Charlotte. Now, let me clarify this before going any further - I am excited about the new experience. I am excited that I get to support my husband in his dream, God knows he deserves it. I am NOT excited about the fact that in the course of 5 months I must find a place to live, a job, a daycare, etc. Its not like I can drive down there for the day and scower for the previously mentioned. Its draining. And stressful. And I'm OCD and can't plan things and I'm just mad about it.

Now, let me remind all of you that this has all happened in the span of 3 WEEKS!!!! I think anyone in my position would be slightly jaded. So bloggers, there really isn't a point to my ravings, I just had to give you a glimpse into my life so hopefully you won't judge me for my pessimistic posts lately...I am trying to follow the advice I have so often been given that "things will just work themselves out", but I aint gonna lie - its difficult. I know God's got some great plan going on up there and this is all part of it, so I'm trying to pull on that faith. I'm hanging in there and maybe in the end everything will work itself out!
PS - last night MC threw up everywhere - please pray that she feels better and we don't have to pay $347 million dollars to a doctor's office :(


Lisa said...

:( I'm sorry! And no one better EVER judge you for the ranting posts, because everyone (whether they admit to it or not) has been there is some form or fashion, so rant on!!! I know it's therapeutic, and maybe the specific prayers from friends/blog readers will help! And Charlotte? Holy Moly! That's a big move! Will be praying for you!

Susannah said...

Oh my word. Well first of all, MC is presh even in that sad gauze Hand!! Bless her! I'm so sorry about all if thus, that us a lot of Shiz to handle!! It seems like it all hits the fan at once! I'm thinking of y'all!

myowltree said...

on the bright side :) you GET to MOVE to CHARLOTTE!! how freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Lordy! Go ahead and vent...this is your outlet.

I'll be sending great thoughts your way and wish you lots of luck in the move.


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