Feb 2, 2011

2- what?

Does it ever scare you how ordinary birthdays seem after you reach a certain age? I must admit it frightens me, however what's even worse is when you don't even remember how old you are. Seriously. Someone at work asked me today and you know what my response was? ............ Yup. Nothing. I had no freakin' idea. Either I've got early onset dimentia or I am just too damn old (my guess would be the later).

I turned 27 today (if I have done the calculations correctly that is). 27 is almost 28. 28 is almost 29. And 29, my friends, is almost 30. That is scary. Not because of the fact that there is anything wrong with 30. Its just that I'm not 30. I'm 12. I'm a 12 year old kid playing house and "mommy". I do not EVEN feel like I am old enough to have a husband, a child, a house, a career, etc. Anyone else ever feel very Tom Hanks in "Big"? Little kid trapped in a crazy adult body? I need a fortune teller head to come shoot a quarter out of her mouth so I can turn back into my 12 year old self.

Any-who, its been a pretty uneventful day which in my world is a very good thing. I did call the hospital today to see what could be done about our bankruptcy letter hospital bill and as you might have guessed the lady was a complete biatch. Lets face it, it wouldn't be a day in my life if this wasn't the case. She truly sounded like she hated the world and, instead of sympathizing with my current situation, proceedes to ask me condenscending questions and do everything in her power to make me feel like an idiot who isn't worth her time. LISTEN HERE WOMAN - You might have money and that is fantastic. Truly. However, if it weren't for the sacrifices of my husband and thousands like him you wouldn't even be sitting in your little cubicle making money right now so you better start saying thank you and asking how you can help my family!!! I was slightly pissed and then remember it was my birthday so then I just got sad. I then hung up the phone and sobbed a round of "happy birthday" to myself feeling a pity party was better than no party.

God must've gotten the invitation and apparently didn't want any part of it, so he jumped in and helped me out. (I suppose he's gotten as sick of my parties and complaining as the rest of the world) I won't bore you with details, but the charges are going to be covered on MC's ins :) Yes, this is a very happy day. At least, that's what the lady on the phone told me. She probably thought I was major psycho after my reaction when she told me this but I don't care. I wanted to go dance in the street like those people on the car insurance commercials. It was that great. I'm PRAYING she hasn't misinformed me. I only asked her about 20 times if she was sure. I'm assuming she was. Guess we'll see how it all pans out.

As for the rest of the birthday? Well, my employer surprised me with two gorgeous cupcakes and a sweet card and the hubs got me a cute handbag he ordered. Yup, handbag. The sweet man was so proud it was adorable. Said he'd looked all over the internet for hours looking for just the right one and it was really hard. How can you not love that?

He had night class tonight and had to work on a project pretty much as soon as he walked in, but oh well. I'll see him again one day... Like I said, the birthday's really lose that special-ness when you have to count back from the year you were born to even remember your age. I guess the next big day comes at 40. Oh joy. Halfway to death - let's celebrate!

Sorry, I'm being all mean-hospital-lady tonight. I'm not mad at the world, just disappointed I don't get to spend time with Adam I guess. Its my birthday and however un-special it might be to me, I still want it to be special to OTHER people. Kind of the notion that I don't have to celebrate me, but everyone else certainly feel free to! A little ridonkulous, right? Yeah, maybe so.

Well off to bed! Happy Wednesday everyone! :)

PS - one thing that DID make my day today? My dear friend Jessica wrote this on my facebook wall. Serious tears here people. Probably one of the sweetest things ever:

Top 10 reasons why YOU ROCK!
1. You are so self sacrificing and strong with everything you go through
2. You are openly dedicated to God...and your family
3. You're really fun to be around
4. You're a wonderful mother
5. You're gorgeous
6. You're compassionate
7. You're so considerate in thinking of others
8. You're hilarious and amusing... :)
9. You have impeccable taste!
10. You're a great listener and an amazing friend

Love you!

Ah, tear again. Thanks Jess - YOU rock! :)

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Lisa said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! And you're not old! Because if you're old, then I'm old, and I'm not old! :) Grey headed, but not old :) haha! Maybe you and Adam can have a special date night this weekend to celebrate your "not old" Birthday!!


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