Jan 29, 2011

And the List Goes On

If I haven't mentioned the fact that everything that could possibly go wrong in a person's life is gradually going wrong in mine, forgive me. The last month has consisted of a multitude of insane events that have all but sent me over the edge.

I also recently got another bomb dropped on me, hence the reason for the almost-midnight blog posting. Venting is needed.

I can't go into details, but let me just say that I am truly in the midst of a nervous breakdown. There are no plans - I need plans. There is no certainty - I need certainty. None of this makes any sense to you. I feel like a raving Jerry Maguire, diligently hacking away at the keys that will all too soon be the forceful creators of a raving mad mission statement.

I'll stop there. Its almost midnight and beyond the fact that my child refuses to sleep any later that 7am and I need what little beauty rest I can get, I also realize that with no details about this situation, it isnt much of an interesting read. Thanks for humoring me. I'm off to bed to contemplate the highest quality mental institution with the greatest opportunity for immediate admission...


Lisa said...

Whatever is going on, believe me, I have been there! And just in the last 4 months, too! Things are finally looking up, so you just have to have faith and tell yourself that you CAN make it!! Praying for you!!

Susannah said...

Girl, I'm so sorry! I hope that you can keep your chin up and love that baby!!


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