Oct 20, 2010

30 day blog challenge - day 5

Day 5: Siblings

Well, up until I was 16, I thought I was an only child. Then I get the bomb dropped on me. (Again, you can get filled in on all the details of that here).

Sooo, since I found my bro, Jeff last year, I am not an "only" anymore. Jeff is a graphic designer/artist and is WAAAAY super talented. He used to be a landscape architect so he and Adam get along great, as you can imagine. (Note: this has been a complete blessing. When Jeff is around I am no longer forced to listen to the hubs rantings about urban sprawl, my carbon footprint, blah, blah, blah. Thank you Jeff.) He is so much like my dad its quite frightening. Except that he doesn't like to hunt - killing Bambi isn't really his thing.

He also has an AMAZING g/f who I totally adore. Hopefully she'll be added to the in-law list at some point ;) (No pressure Jeff...)

Our first picture together - the day we met

Jeff and MC when she was t-tiny :)

Jeff and Angela

All the "kids" at Jeff's loft in Nashville

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