Jun 21, 2011

Brag Time

I know every parent thinks nothing will ever compare to the cuteness that is their child. However, I dare you to look at these pics and not agree with me.

Driving the tractor at the Children's Museum

In the Museum with her "leash" hahah

"Underground" tunnel at the museum

Yup, shoved an entire Nutrigrain bar in her mouth...

Me and my PRECIOUS angel!!

Sweet sweet baby!


Susannah said...

Soooo precious! And the leash-ha! Where did you get it and does she mind it?

Jessica said...

Got it at Wal-Mart surprisingly! And even more surprising, she didn't even notice it was on! Totally didn't mind it- except when she would take off running and got held back by it ;)

Brittany said...

I am dying over the leash! Hilarious! She is precious!

Jen@Mom's Online Garage Sale said...

She is adorable!

Thank u for joining I ♥ Blogging Hop I am your newest GFC follower.

Have a great week!


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