Jan 26, 2012

"One nation under...." what's the rest again?

I'm riled up.... and I may or may not be moving my family to Australlia.

I read this on facebook today and it all started. The emotions consumed me and all I knew to do was vent about it in a place where I can speak my mind and not be interrupted by disagreeing parties.

As you can tell from my initial statement, I am fed up with this country. Yes, my husband defended our country and was willing to give up his life for it. I am not against soldiers or any of the other selfless men and women who serve our country - I am against the fundamental beliefs that are now being compromised by unintelligent political leaders.

Is it just me or did congress not agree to add the words "UNDER GOD" to our pledge of allegiance? And was "IN GOD WE TRUST" not adopted as the official motto of the US? Oh, they've changed their minds? Well count me OUT.

God is out and it seems as though everyone and everything else is in. As I've said before, maybe if we DIDN'T separate God so much our world wouldn't be in such a mess...

While the omition of God from certain national expressions infuriates me, its not the primary reason I began this post. Its the double standard. Its the fact that our governing body wishes to accomodate every.single.belief/culture/religion/language while at the very same moment impeeding on the beliefs of at least 25% of the United States population. (With that statistic I am referring to the percentage of Catholics in the US - I'm sure there are certain protestants who share our beliefs on these issues which would in turn make the percentage potentially higher). I don't like being forced to fund things I feel are morally wrong. Its, in essence, like imposing a tax on all Americans which would pay for weapons murderers were going to use to go into the street and kill innocent people with. Would you willing pay that tax? Would you want your goverment officials to force you to pay for something people were going to use to kill others? That's what our goverment is asking us Catholics to do and I'm not happy. I REFUSE to pay for a woman to obtain abortion drugs. I REFUSE to pay for contraception for a teenager who wishes to engage in sex out of marriage. I REFUSE to do these things, however my president is telling me I don't have a choice. Its interesting that Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and any other religion have the freedom to worship as they choose, yet I do not. My beliefs on reproduction are how I worship God. I choose to welcome His most beautiful gift - children. I choose to go to any extreme to protect and defend life. My choice does not include giving monetary support to an organization that is going to give it to someone who blatantly goes against my moral beliefs. I wouldn't hand a member of al qaeda money to buy weapons and I won't hand a US citizen money to abort a baby.

Hence the move to Australlia. If you aren't aware, their Prime Minister doesn't play. If you don't like the way it is, she suggests you go find somewhere else to live. I couldn't agree more. She says "If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture." You can read more here. Love her.

I realize that my beliefs might conflict with yours. However, my beliefs are firm. They cannot be persuaded. They cannot be changed. I respect your right to comment as you feel necessary, but you are not going to alter my feelings on the issue. I respect God and His Son and will try to live how They have taught me to live - and that life doesn't include funding murder.


momto8 said...

my husband is a lawyer...when I go into the court rooms to watch him I am amazed EVERY time at the foundations of the system...check out any courtroom anywhere...you will be amazed. God is everywhere.
i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Susannah said...

Agreed! I feel the same way, this is getting out of hand, and Obama is an ass!

Katharine said...

Amen! I am sick of all the PC bull

Anonymous said...

A few things:
1) PM Julia Gillard never made such a statement. She's an Atheist.

2) Australia is a secular nation, not a Christian one.

3)"One nation under God" is definitely in the Pledge and "In God We Trust" was most certainly adopted as the motto, but we should keep it in context as to when and why this was done—the fight against Communism and the fear feeding that went on in America at this time in history.

Jessica said...

While Julia may be an atheist she has stated that she has a great respect for others religious beliefs. That's all I am asking for from the US- to respect our moral and religious beliefs which I don't feel they have done with this mandate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment, Jessica. I'm also happy to see that the administration amended the clause today. As it was, it would have forced you (and others) to violate your religious conscience; which you are free to have.


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