Sep 1, 2011

I Am Certain

Its not very often that I get to say "yes, I am certain.". I'm probably the world's most indecisive person. No joke. However, much like the lessons learned in the big city, I am now sure of several things I thought I'd share.

1. The brown stuff I found on MC's hand after her nap is, sadly, not chocolate: No, I didn't eat it to find out. Thank God.

2. The enormous wet spot I found on the couch is not spilled water: Note to self, do not let child run rampant through house without a diaper on. Apparently it only takes 47 seconds for a child to sit on the couch, pee, get up, stand by the coffe table and nonchalantly read a book.

3. God accidentally gave me a child that's part dog: If I clean up any more pee or poop that's not in a diaper or smeared on her butt I'm taking her to the animal shelter.

Hmm, yeah, that would about cover it today.

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