Sep 14, 2011

Big City Life: Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Never leave your house after 4:00 on a weekday

Brilliant move. It was now 5:45 pm and the most intelligent woman in the world I was STILL sitting in my car. How long had I been in my car you ask? Well, between the crying child and 207th cycle of Elmo's potty time, I would guesstimate about 5011 hours.

Not really. I had been in traffic for about 45 minutes. The beginning of it was fantastic. I had nothing to do and MC was happily watching Elmo sing about poop. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to chat it up with a girlfriend and my sweet mom. Its not very often that I get the chance to just sit and talk with nothing to do and no toddler to chase. After two conversations though, I was back to being a desperate mommy strapped in my unmoving car. I thought I could spend some time contemplating life's mysteries, however I couldn't get past how annoying Elmo's laugh can be. Time 3, its adorable, time 9 it's cute, time 13 its like fingernails on a chalkboard, and by time 207 I may or may not have considered hanging myself by my pendant necklace on the "oh shit" handle above my head.

Its funny how when you live in a small college town you never think about the time of day when you leave your house. You just know that as long as you're home by 1am you miss the traffic jam from the line at the Wendy's drive through. Any other time you are golden. Now that we've moved to Charlotte I have to be conscious of what time I run my errands. Obviously leaving the apartment at 4:30 on a Tuesday wasn't the smartest move. If I'd had a toothpick, tweezers, and a rubber band I might have been able to MacGyver my way out of the situation, but being as I'm a mere stay-at-home-mommy all I had to work with was a package of baby wipes and a sippy cup. I tried, but it was no use. I needed the toothpick....

Anywho, yet another mental note taken. Have I mentioned I am super excited for MC's doctor's appointment at 4:40 today?

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Katharine said...

Those kid songs really leach into your brain sometimes! I swear I sing the Dora the Explorer song in my sleep! I don't even have a child...its just from nannying! I love the blog, keep it up!


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