Jul 9, 2010

Escape Artist

Sooo, this is what I walked into this evening when I went in MC's room...

She had just finished eating dinner and I put her down for a minute while I put away her highchair, etc. My little escape artist. I am soooooo glad Adam and I had already lowered her crib. (On a side note about cribs... remember the beautiful crib I posted that we bought for MC? Yeah, we ordered it in MARCH and it's still not in!!! The company told me what was going on and I won't bore you with the details but I am still quite perturbed. Thankfully friends of ours gave us a crib to use! Her furniture should be here in August - if its not, they just better watch out! haha) Anyway, MC was apparently quite proud of herself and decided to show us what else she's been working on..
Did I mention she has a new fascination with her tongue?
"Hey dada!"
I'm busting out!
"Now, this is as close as you get when you dance with boys Maggie Claire..."
Does it get any better than this smiling face??!!!

Have a happy weekend everyone!


Susannah said...

What a precious chunk nugget! I want to pinch those little thighs! Too cute!!!

Angela said...

MC is so cute. Glad you guys are back in Starkville and settling in.

Jenilee said...

what a cute baby! and yes, once they can stand in the crib, it's a good thing to have it lowered! climbing out is not fun, for them or for you! :)

Marketing Gurl said...

First of she is gorgeous...secondly - how old is she...we lowered our mattress a while ago for our 11 month old...just not sure when I would need to worry about it...I have two blogs...www.powellmom.com and http://www.dietandfitchick.blogspot.com

Feel free to come by...I love your blog!


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