May 20, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

I'm excited its Friday. Like, super.excited.

For all of you millions of readers out there who are interested, today I think...

1. Rice cakes have to be the messiest snack ever. MC loves them but I always end up picking up her trail of rice pellets. Guess it does make her easier to find...

2. Men can be absolutely ridiculous. (However, this isn't just a "today" thought. I usually tend to think this, at least once, every day.) I think they really believe there is a magic clothes fairy that comes to our house and picks up clothing left in every room. They think this is a cool thing, so they continue to leave clothing in every room. I mean of course. It makes perfect sense. Who would want the poor clothes fairy to have to draw unemployment.

3. I need to lose AT LEAST 15 pounds. Thanks for that fashion industry.

4. MC is a genius (although, much like men being ridiculous, I tend to think this every day). She's got the lip pout down to a science and knows it. "Oh, you wanna play that game mom? Watch this {insert highly dramatic bottom lip puckering} BAM! Butta' baby!"

5. My one hour lunch break is too short. This doesn't even come close to affording me adequate time to blog.

With that said, its back to work. Have a fantabulous weekend all!

1 comment:

The Sweet Life said...

haha. Love reading your blog. Happy weekend!


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